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The Networking Definition Double-Check

What networking activities are you involved in today?  What networking events do you attend?  Are they productive experiences for you?  If they’re anything less than 100% productive try a Definition Double-Check. To perform your Definition Double-Check you simply need to refer to the promotional materials of the organization or event.  What do those materials say that the organization or event is for? Whatever that answer is will likely be just what you find.  Simply because something has the label “NETWORKING” … Continue reading

Givers Live

In networking, we are fond of saying that “givers get”. Translated, we are saying that individuals who give to others in their network (in the form of referrals, information, contacts, and support) actually receive those same things in abundance from their network. Researchers, however, have determined that the benefits of being a giver go beyond what we get from our network. According to a release by the University of Michigan (U-M News & Information Services, November 12, 2002), Stephanie Brown, … Continue reading

What on Earth is a Wholesale Referral?

Most members of Business Networking groups such as AmSpirit Business Connections are looking for “Retail Referrals” but a “Wholesale Referral” can be just as valuable. Retail Referrals are opportunities to speak with prospects who are directly in the market for your product or service. Wholesale Referrals are introductions that could and should eventually lead to Retail Referrals. Now, many reading this will think that a Wholesale Referral is simply a Center of Influence (COI) and while a COI is a … Continue reading

Networking and The Prospecting Pinwheel

Networking and The Prospecting Pinwheel When I went through Sandler Sales Training (the best sales training ever by the way….) I learned a concept called the Prospecting Pinwheel. The idea is for sales reps, entrepreneurs, and professionals to draw a graphical representation of their sources of new clients. You start by drawing a circle and then cutting it into sections like a pie. Each section represents a source of new business; popular sections typically include: cold calling, direct mail, networking … Continue reading

Networking is NOT Selling!

I am constantly amazed at how many people attend networking functions, particularly chamber of commerce events, to try to sell the other attendees.  It absolutely baffles me.  Nobody goes to these events because they are looking to get pitched on the latest Gizmo, Gadget, or doo-dad that your company offers.  They go there to network!  Networking is all about building relationships, it’s not about selling. Where in the promotional materials for a networking event does it say that the event … Continue reading

How to find the perfect business networking group

There are dozens of business networking groups that meet in every city of the country every day of the week. How does a sales rep, business owner, or entrepreneur find the perfect business networking group to join? It’s simple; consider the following 6 criteria when visiting business networking groups. Continue reading

Referrals 101

by Kelcey Lehrich Every sales representative, entrepreneur, and professional should have multiple sources of new clients, but almost every one of these individuals will tell you that the best source of new business comes from qualified referrals!  Do you want referrals from your clients, prospects, business associates, and personal acquaintances? Are you getting as many as you’d like? Are you getting any at all? Here are a few tips that might help… 1.       ASK for Referrals – Nobody knows you … Continue reading

What is networking?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines “networking” as:  ‘the exchange of information or services among individuals, groups, or institutions; specifically : the cultivation of productive relationships for employment or business’. When I hear people saying that they are “going to a networking event” I like the smirk to myself and throw a loaded question into the conversation.  It typically sounds something like this – “what event are you going to?”  They’ll answer with the name of the organization and usually the location … Continue reading

Great Expectations

The novelist Charles Dickens has no idea that I’ve stolen the title of one of his great novels for this article on networking.  Regardless of Mr. Dickens currently rolling in his grave I do need to ask an important question –what are your expectations from the networking events you attend?  Take a moment, pull out a sheet of paper and list the last several “networking functions” you’ve attended.  Think about the objectives and goals you attended the event with – … Continue reading

You can’t close for a relationship

Frank Agin, founder and president of AmSpirit Business Connections once told me that “You can’t close for a relationship”.  This is sage wisdom and especially applicable to networking.  I attend a variety of networking events every week and I constantly see people trying to “work the room” at a mixer or afterhours event, using well-crafted pitches.  They then leave with a fist full of business cards and expect something magical to come from the encounter they just had.  Not surprisingly, … Continue reading

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