What on Earth is a Wholesale Referral?

Most members of Business Networking groups such as AmSpirit Business Connections are looking for “Retail Referrals” but a “Wholesale Referral” can be just as valuable. Retail Referrals are opportunities to speak with prospects who are directly in the market for your product or service. Wholesale Referrals are introductions that could and should eventually lead to Retail Referrals. Now, many reading this will think that a Wholesale Referral is simply a Center of Influence (COI) and while a COI is a good example of a Wholesale Referral it’s not the only one. Below are three examples of Wholesale Referrals.

The Rainmaker – Rainmakers are the traditional Centers of Influence. For a financial advisor a good rainmaker might be a CPA or estate planning attorney.

Inroads to Thought Leadership – Thought Leadership opportunities could be anything from an interview for a magazine article to a chace to speak in public. For a business coach a Thought Leadership opportunity could be a Wholesale Referral to speak at a Sales Conference.

The Next Closest Thing – The Next Closest Thing is the idea of ‘getting your foot in the door’. You may want to meet the President of ABC Company because you have a great idea that will really help him but noone knows the president of ABC company, however someone does know the shop floor manager or the security guard. Those two individuals are The Next Closest Thing and put you one step closer to the President.

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