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Rocky River Networking

Networking Afterhours sponsored by AmSpirit Business Connections – come meet other business professionals from the area! Thursday March 24th 5pm-7pm The Pub in Rocky River on 19304 Detroit Road   More info here:

What on Earth is a Wholesale Referral?

Most members of Business Networking groups such as AmSpirit Business Connections are looking for “Retail Referrals” but a “Wholesale Referral” can be just as valuable. Retail Referrals are opportunities to speak with prospects who are directly in the market for your product or service. Wholesale Referrals are introductions that could and should eventually lead to Retail Referrals. Now, many reading this will think that a Wholesale Referral is simply a Center of Influence (COI) and while a COI is a … Continue reading

Networking and The Prospecting Pinwheel

Networking and The Prospecting Pinwheel When I went through Sandler Sales Training (the best sales training ever by the way….) I learned a concept called the Prospecting Pinwheel. The idea is for sales reps, entrepreneurs, and professionals to draw a graphical representation of their sources of new clients. You start by drawing a circle and then cutting it into sections like a pie. Each section represents a source of new business; popular sections typically include: cold calling, direct mail, networking … Continue reading