Referrals 101

by Kelcey Lehrich

Every sales representative, entrepreneur, and professional should have
multiple sources of new clients, but almost every one of these individuals
will tell you that the best source of new business comes from qualified
referrals!  Do you want referrals from your clients, prospects, business
associates, and personal acquaintances?

Are you getting as many as you’d like?
Are you getting any at all?

Here are a few tips that might help…
1.       ASK for Referrals – Nobody knows you want referrals until you ask.
No one knows exactly what you are looking for until you specify. There are
many approaches on how to do this and dozens of books on the subject (I
would personally recommend anything written by Bill Cates). Always remember,
however, “Ask” is an action verb – nobody will ask for you, you must ask for

2.       Leave Hints –Have a voicemail message that says “if you were
referred to me tell me who sent you so I can thank them”.  You can also do
this in an email signature with a phrase like “the best compliment is a
referral”. The point is, take every opportunity you can to let other know
you appreciate, and regularly expect and receive referrals.

3.       Join a “tips group” – There are dozens of networking organizations
or ‘tips’ groups in Northeast Ohio that give sales representatives,
entrepreneurs, and professionals a structured environment to develop strong
professional relationships with like-minded individuals. These groups
generate opportunities for a plethora of new referrals.

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