Great Expectations

The novelist Charles Dickens has no idea that I’ve stolen the title of one of his great novels for this article on networking.  Regardless of Mr. Dickens currently rolling in his grave I do need to ask an important question –what are your expectations from the networking events you attend?  Take a moment, pull out a sheet of paper and list the last several “networking functions” you’ve attended.  Think about the objectives and goals you attended the event with – did the event culminate in you reaching those goals?  Are you getting what you expected from the events you attend?  If so, keep doing what you’re doing and stop reading here.  If not, then ask yourself “why?”  Try defining what you’re really looking for then find an organization or event whose core mission matches what you’re looking for.  I promise you’ll be much happier with the outcome of the events you attend with that event or that organization’s meetings.

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