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Greater Cleveland MORE Meeting 2/18

On February 18th dozens of Sales Reps, Business Owners, and Entrepreneurs from around Greater Cleveland will convene at Scrambler Marie’s in Mayfield to network and hear a presentation entitled “Building your Networking Brand”. More info at the LinkedIN Events Page Here

Great Expectations

The novelist Charles Dickens has no idea that I’ve stolen the title of one of his great novels for this article on networking.  Regardless of Mr. Dickens currently rolling in his grave I do need to ask an important question –what are your expectations from the networking events you attend?  Take a moment, pull out a sheet of paper and list the last several “networking functions” you’ve attended.  Think about the objectives and goals you attended the event with – … Continue reading

You can’t close for a relationship

Frank Agin, founder and president of AmSpirit Business Connections once told me that “You can’t close for a relationship”.  This is sage wisdom and especially applicable to networking.  I attend a variety of networking events every week and I constantly see people trying to “work the room” at a mixer or afterhours event, using well-crafted pitches.  They then leave with a fist full of business cards and expect something magical to come from the encounter they just had.  Not surprisingly, … Continue reading

Networking in Cleveland

This blog is a resource for all business owners, entrepreneurs, and sales reps looking for opportunities to network in Cleveland, Ohio.